Full Album Stream: Greenleaf – “Echoes From a Mass”

Long-running Swedish stoner rockers Greenleaf are back with their new album, Echoes From a Mass. The follow up to 2018’s Hear the Rivers, Echoes From a Mass confirms that Greenleaf haven’t been sitting on their hands. The new album teems with life and lively riffs, streaming now via Decibel.

Greenleaf can’t be accused of living in the past. Though the band remain faithful to stoner rock’s core tenets, the songwriting and production on Echoes From a Mass has a modern sound in its production and songwriting. Songs like album opener “Tides” could fit on modern rock radio while other songs like “Bury Me My Son” and “Needle in My Eye” would be best heard at a dive bar alongside a band like Mothership.

“This is, in our opinion, probably the best record we have done,” singer Arvid Hällagård tells Decibel. “And in every sense the most honest one. We are very happy with it and hopefully people recognize this and dig it!”

Echoes From a Mass is out tomorrow, March 26, on Napalm Records but Decibel is streaming the whole record now. Dig in below.