Video Premiere: Bruit – ‘The Machine is Burning’

French post rockers Bruit are three weeks out from the release of their new album, The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again, and that’s cause for excitement based on the new live video for “The Machine is Burning.” Recorded in the Gesu church in Toulouse, France, the performance looks and sounds stunning, shot in a way that truly captures each performer’s movements and nuances.

Bruit are accompanied by the brass section from France’s Capitol National Orchestra, which enhances the large-scale feeling of the performance; the video does not feel like a rehearsal or shoddily-arranged livestream but a well-planned performance that makes the best out of coronavirus restrictions and a bad year for live music.

The Machine is Burning is set for official release on April 2; pre-orders and a preview song are live here.