Track Premiere: Hippie Death Cult – ‘Red Meat Tricks’

Despite, or perhaps because of, their name, Hippie Death Cult are a very inviting band. The Portland, OR-based rockers deal in psychedelia, in doom and in riff-heavy classic rock, all three of which are present on Circle of Days, the latest effort from the band. To whet your appetite, Decibel has an exclusive premiere of the new album’s first song, “Red Meat Tricks.”

The new song has a doomed vibe, clearly leaning into the Black Sabbath side of Hippie Death Cult’s influences. Guitarist Eddie Brnabic and singer Ben Jackson drive the song, conjuring mental images of smoke-filled dive bar shows with their riffcraft and seductive vocal lines.

“It’s feeding time at the zoo,” Hippie Death Cult tell Decibel. “Specifically at the lion cage where the keepers toss large chunks of fresh red meat to the hungry carnivores while an eager audience of visitors goes into their own feeding frenzy, cheering and screaming as the ferocious cats tear, chew, and digest their favorite meal. Are we the audience or are we the lions, tearing apart the bits of truth we are fed? Or are we just looking for scraps that support our own existing paradigm?”

Have a listen to “Red Meat Tricks” below. Heavy Psych Sounds will issue Circle of Days on May 21, alongside a reissue of Hippie Death Cult’s debut album and a new split with High Reeper. US and European pre-orders are available now.