Video Premiere: Grave Miasma – “Rogyapa”

Some names just evoke quality.

If you like dark, menacing and evil death metal, then Grave Miasma is a name to brand into your bones. Along with bands like Dead Congregation, Ritual Necromancy and Funebrarum, these English evildoers have kept this most Golgothan essence ablaze into our own age. Their latest sermon comes in the form of “Rogyapa,” a song and video that perfectly embodies everything the band is about: crushing gutteral vocals (with lots of reverb, very important!),  ominous guitar riffs, and punishing rhythms. It’s a death metal storm with getting stuck in.

Here’s how the band describes the new track:

“There is no more ego-vanquishing burial rite than one that pounds flesh and bone into nothingness. And thus, we present the skull-smashing track “Rogyapa” — an ode to the practitioners of the Tibetan bya gtor and the glory days of death metal music videos.

“Rogyapa” is taken from our upcoming album Abyss of Wrathful Deities — a sonic exploration delving into obscure burial practices and the nature of death itself. Until then, we implore you to meditate upon your mortality and the illusory nature of flesh, as skeletal remains are crushed into oblivion.”

Y/D/T — Grave Miasma

Indeed, the video has a loose yet professional feel to it. Not overproduced, but coherent and crisp enough to follow and absorb the major aesthetic elements. From this song, I believe we can have the utmost confidence that Abyss of Wrathful Deities will be a death metal album to beat in 2021.