Track Premiere: Icon of Sin – “Icon of Sin”

To suggest that Icon of Sin wrote an eponymous song on their debut in the spirit of Iron Maiden might be a stretch if you haven’t heard a note of the new power metal project. But after a few bars of vocalist Raphael Mendes enter your earholes, it’s clear that it is Bruce Dickinson’s pipes, not Paul Di’Anno’s, that are his main Maiden source of inspiration. Of course, the Brazilian rose to prominence over the last few years via a series of YouTube covers of not just Dickinson-fronted Maiden tunes, but a number of “What If Bruce Sang for [Insert Classic Metal Band Here]” covers. That caught the attention of Frontiers Records, who quickly signed the Heir Air Raid Siren ( me) and helped assemble Icon of Sin, who will drop their self-titled debut on April 16.

Mendes is, of course, fully aware that releasing an LP’s worth of original material will come under much more scrutiny than when he’s just parroting his faves on YouTube. And our man is ready.

“I’ve started like so many others before me… covering my favorites,” Mendez tells Decibel. “On YouTube, I cover famous bands who have large audiences, so probably it is easier to reach people because of that as music covers are such a well known thing on the platform. With Icon of Sin, in terms of preparing myself for the recordings, there is not much difference. I just get prepared and do it. The album, musically and lyrically, is geared towards a traditional heavy metal style, something people who already know me from YouTube realize I am definitely really passionate about. It’s been so cool to step out and be able to perform original material!”

Icon of Sin can’t be fought. But “Icon of Sin” can be sought below.

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