Video Premiere: Domkraft – ‘Dawn of Man’

Swedish psychedelic stoners Domkraft recorded their latest album, Seeds, in the midst of not only the pandemic but a record-breaking heatwave in their home country. With live shows obviously a distant pipe dream at the moment, the trio wanted to recreate the experience of one of their performances with, uh, some chemical assistance. Success! Prepare to experience some mind-melting, hypnotic riffs for four minutes and forty four seconds.

Singer/bassist Martin Wegeland has this to say about the song:

“’Dawn of Man’ is the sound of the physical rebuilding of human civilization. We need new places of worship, cleansed of fear, hate and everything else that corrodes a society. So, the idea is a kind of modern pyramids, utopian ‘audiodomes,’ and this song represents the construction phase of these.  We went for a mechanical yet earthy feel, based on this rolling, neck-breaking drum beat that just keeps moving. It should feel like being in the middle of a crowd full of clenched fists wielding sledgehammers, unable to stand still.”

Seeds will be released on April 30 via Magnetic Eye Records but you can pre-order it here.