God Is An Astronaut Sends You “Adrift” In New Video

In the world of instrumental post-rock, God Is An Astronaut is truly one of the titans, alongside bands like Russian Circles, Caspian and This Will Destroy You. On their latest (10th!) album, Ghost Tapes #10, the band takes their sound in a righteously heavy direction. Across the album’s seven tracks, the band channels vast oceans of energy through exhilarating drum and bass work and dramatically flowing guitars. Ghost Tapes #10 is everything you’d want from this sound.

Additionally, the band has put together some really cool video work for a few songs, including the new video for “Adrift,” which you can check out below. Here’s what the band had to say about the videos:

“We liked the idea of trying something different for the videos for “Ghost Tapes #10.” “Chariot Of Black Moth” is known for his dark themed black and white videos which are well known in Black Metal circles and other dark underground genres seemed an unlikely choice. To some it may have been an unusual collaboration but his style complimented our music, like a symbiotic audio/visual amalgamation.”

Unusual or not, the collaboration for these videos was perfect, as you can see from “Adrift.” Another thing that makes bands like God Is An Astronaut so special is the ability to create memorable songs without the aid of a sing-along chorus. Jam to the video below and check out the band’s new album at their Bandcamp page.