Track Premiere: Bridge Burner – ‘Disempath’

New Zealand’s Bridge Burner are pissed off and mad about it on their forthcoming album Disempath. A fiery mix of D-beat, crust, death metal and hardcore, the quintet ooze rage and crossover appeal with songs like the title track, streaming below.

Seething with anger, Bridge Burner rip through “Disempath” in less than two-and-a-half minutes, blending the styles into a mix of metallic angst that wastes no time on pleasantries. Vocalist Ben Read (ex-Ulcerate) spends most of the album delving into his hatred of people and conditions surrounding coronavirus, as well as themes of self-loathing and the various injustices that dominate our news cycle and world.

“Obviously there is the cliche of every band saying their new material is their best yet, but it is very much true with Disempath,” Read explains, speaking to Decibel. “When Bridge Burner started six years ago, Josh and I wanted to do a grimy D-beat band that was fast and angry. Since that starting point, I feel like we have been searching for our sound—we all listen to a wide array of heavy and extreme music, and I think it’s taken time to distill those elements into music we feel represents us best as a band.

I feel like we have found that with Disempath. We don’t really have a particular subgenre we exist in, we just all contribute material and a good riff is a good riff, regardless of style. There are elements that are core to us—the D-beat is still there, but as long as it sounds frantic, or sinister, or unnerving, that’s us. The music has become a perfect representation of what I write about in my lyrics, and I feel that Disempath is the closest we have come to what Bridge Burner is meant to be.”

Listen to “Disempath” below and score a pre-order via Hibernation Release. Disempath is out on April 2.