Five For Friday: January 22, 2021

Happy Friday, Decibel readers!

This week’s edition of new releases is great if you like classic doom-influenced death metal, ripping thrash metal, and whatever you’d call Coffins. It’s a good mix of reliable veterans and Decibel favorites. I’ve also included an unorthodox choice at the bottom to mix things up, something good for contemplation you might say. I think we can all use a bit of that after the last 5 years.


Asphyx – Necroceros

There’s a handful of names in death metal that signify consistent, reliable quality. The Dutch maniacs in Asphyx are definitely one of those bands. Of the classic Dutch death metal bands, Asphyx has always been my favorite. Check out the video for “The Nameless Elite” below- and look out for the track “Botox Implosion” as well. The song rules and the metaphor is painfully fitting for our time as well.

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Coffins – Defilements

From our premiere of Defilements:

“Designed and approved by vocalist/guitarist Uchino, Defilements is nearly two hours of deep cuts from their out of print EP releases. There’s the cesspool grooves from Craving to Eternal Slumber and March of Despair. The clandestine recordings from their Noise Room Sessions 2014 release. The feral stage energy of Live at Asakusa Deathfest 2016. Then there’s the curdled covers from the band’s Sewage Sludgecore Treatment, where the band reanimates songs by Eyehategod, Noothgrush and more. Coffins never stay quiet for long.”

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Crucify Me – Demo

Ripping, raging hardcore from New York City. Crucify Me play a straightforward style fueled by rage and contempt. Its’ the sort of thing you’d find in the section of the record store where they keep the 7″s. This is definitely one worth picking up and keeping. Also, they have a song called “Midtro” (lol).

Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos

As everyone’s favorite parrot reported, “This is mostly a thrashy death affair with some death/doom thrown in. The riffing here is hooky and really sticks with you.” The Brazilian thrash warriors grace the cover of our February issue as well, so be sure to read more about them there!

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Temple ov Saturn – The Rites of Janus

Something for a change of pace. While Temple ov Saturn is more of an electronic musical entity, it flows with a dark and hypnotic energy that many Decibel readers should appreciate. The musical tome assembled here contains passages inspired by dark ambient and industrial, with some strategically placed guitar work that makes a full reading worthwhile. According to Joan Pope, the mastermind behind the project:

The Rites of Janus is a sonic devotion to Janus, the Roman god of transitions, doorways, beginnings and endings. The album aligns with the overall themes of the Temple ov Saturn project: meditations on the cycles of nature and time, the need for roots, and the yearning for growth. The Rites of Janus is a blending of psychedelic drones and hypnotic rhythms.”