Album Premiere: Yoth Iria – As the Flame Withers

Yoth Iria are a Greek black metal fan’s dream come true. On bass you’ve got Jim Mutilator, a major player in both Rotting Christ during their formative years and throughout most of Varathron’s discography, and on vocals, The Magus from Necromantia and Thou Art Lord, as well as Rotting Christ (formerly). Guitars, drums and keys are all handled by tried-and-true, but younger Greek warriors. As ever, the Greeks are playing it close to the chest as far as who’s doing what, and, as ever, we’re too entranced by the melodies and vibes to perform our due diligence. But sometimes you just gotta let the riffs go to your head.

Around this time last year, Yoth Iria debuted with the EP Under His Sway. Jim Mutilator told us then he had spent the last 10 years writing for Yoth Iria, that he had “more than 20 tracks, enough for 2 full length albums.” The first part of that prophecy will come true, officially, on January 25 with the release of As the Flame Withers, the first full-length album from Yoth Iria. The figure that once sat upon a throne in the underworld on the cover of Under His Sway now looms up through a chasm, free of their underground confines. 


According to Yoth Iria, As the Flame Withers “is a fine example of old school occult black metal with powerful riffing, hellish atmosphere and haunting melodies. A dark Luciferian nightmare the Greek way.”

As the Flame Withers

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