Full EP Stream: Yoth Iria – ‘Under His Sway’

With the likes of The Magus from Necromantia on vocals, George Emmanuel of Lucifer’s Child on guitars, J.V. Maeltrom of Caedes Cruenta on drums, John Patsouris on keys, Yoth Iria, the latest band started by the legendary bassist Jim “Mutilator” Patsouris, represents more than a super group of Hellenic talent. Yoth Iria is a pantheon of Greek black metal gods, old and new. 

Recorded and mixed by Emmanuel at Pentagram Studios, Yoth Iria’s three track debut Under His Sway proves that Mutilator and crew’s dark muses still have plenty to offer. According to Mutilator, “These tracks are my work for 10 years even more as I started composing them back [in] 2009. I’ve ready more than 20 tracks, enough for 2 full length albums. I’m just a dedicated metal fan and as it was still it is and it will be till the end of my life.”

According to Yoth Iria, Under His Sway “is dedicated in Eternal Memory of Baron Blood (Necromantia) Trooper of the Black Arts (RIP).”

Under His Sway

Get Under His Sway soon from Repulsive Echo Records.