Track Premiere: Dipygus – “Long-Pig Feast”

The Californian death metal quintet Dipygus began in 2013, but it was their 2018 promo tape Long Pig Feast (which, according to some kind of Carcassian logic, didn’t have any songs on it called “Long-Pig Feast”) that introduced their decomposed, raw and blown-out death metal to the world. Last year, upon premiering their debut full-length Deathooze (now banned in 16 countries), we warned you that Dipygus sounded “like the mutated, crawling abomination that emerged from the blood orgy [where] Autopsy and Impetigo were the guests of honor.” 

Now, only a year later, the perversely erudite gorebringers are back like they have some unfinished business. Recorded at Darker Corners Studios by Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Pounder, Gruesome) and Alejandro Corredor (Nausea, Pounder) and featuring brain-frying artwork from Doug Camp, Bushmeat comes out Janaury 25 on Spanish stalwart Memento Mori. Noxious, disturbing and probably lethal, we’re proud to offer our readers an exclusive peek at what madness lies ahead. 

“For those in search of the sensational and eager to indulge in the extremities of adventure, a meal of roast ‘long-pig’ can satisfy even the most exotic appetites,” the band explains. “With the right guide, ‘long-pig’ can be acquired in underground markets from Bangkok to Bangor, though like any premium bushmeat, dining on ‘long-pig’ has its dangers! Prior to consumption, low-grade cuts must be scraped of subcutaneous tumors common in stock sourced from areas with high cathode radiation exposure. When insufficiently cleaned, these growths—along with the meat’s attendant health risks and legal complications—can provide unpleasant challenges for the inexperienced consumer. If one can overcome the difficulties, few cuisines bring more excitement and reward! ‘Long-pig’ is a bush delicacy best enjoyed at a lively ceremonial feast, but can always be procured in more refined settings for the private buyer of means and exquisite taste.” 

“Long-Pig Feast”

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