Full Album Stream: Dipygus – “Deathooze”

Dipygus premiered in 2016 with a six track demo titled simply MMXV. Then last year vocalist Clarisa joined Dayan (bass/vocals), Sam (drums), and Dustin (guitars). The new line-up released another underrated jammer, this one called Long Pig Feast. Contrary to trends, Dipygus play a particularly disgusting form of death metal replete with vomitous and distorted vocals, lots of over-the-top samples (“Deloy’s Ape” gonna fuck you up!), and plenty of neck-breaking shifts between grinding carnage and swallow-you-whole doom. In short, Dipygus sound like the mutated, crawling abomination that emerged from the blood orgy wherein Autopsy and Impetigo were the guests of honor.

After honing their perverse take on death doom these past several years, Dipygus are poised to drop Deathooze, their debut full length. The band themselves describe Deathooze as “a seven song twister that finally strips and reveals [our] sick minds for what [we] are: sonic perverts with an ill sense of humor and a penchant for bizarre extreme metal.”

Get Deathooze today on cassette and CD from Caligari and 12” vinyl from Expansion Abyss.


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