Track Premiere: Acid Womb – ‘The Woods’

It’s not often that you can use the word “emotional” when describing death metal. Sure, bands like Arsis might have their moments every so often, but when was the last time you heard a band really try to incorporate psychological anguish into this malevolent style of music?

Ontario based two-piece Acid Womb do just that on their upcoming debut EP Grief which will be released on via Bandcamp this Friday. The inspiration behind Acid Womb is that it is a death metal band that incorporate the personal experiences dealing with PTSD into both the music and lyrics. Every aspect of the album, right down to the specific track order, has been taken directly from the therapy sessions of the band members themselves.

For example, album closer “The Woods” serves as an allegory for the group’s vocalist trying to navigate his psyche according to the internal family systems model (IFS), eventually finding his inner core in several different cabins in the woods. Incredibly heady stuff for an art form not usually known for its mature subject matter.

Watch the video for “The Woods” here: