Full EP Stream: Ten Ton Hammer – ‘New Failures’

The reigning kings of self-hating metallic hardcore are back with brand new album New Failures available this Friday through their Knife Hits Collective, but we’ve got the full monty for you right now! For a year that’s been so full of self-loathing, both on a personal and societal scale, Ten Ton Hammer have never felt more truly like the band of the moment thee way they do in this tail end of 2020.

New Failures sees the band true to form, with the riffs as bludgeoning and merciless as ever and vocalist John Lowe’s self-effacing diatribes somehow even more anguished then they’ve ever been. Nine months into a global pandemic with no end in sight, there’s no better record to spend this brutal winter with than New Failures.

New Failures is available December 4, but you can order it via Knife Hits Records right now!