No Corporate Beer Reviews: Seven Doors

Beer: Seven Doors
Brewery: TRVE (Denver, CO)
Style: Grisette
6.1% ABV / N/A IBU

It makes sense that TRVE selected Seven Doors and the Cosmic Rays farmhouse pale ale for its initial foray into canning—both straddle the lines between the Denver brewery’s twin passions of sessionable beers and mixed culture fermentation. Seven Doors, a grisette brewed with French saison yeast, is fairly representative of the style, but offset with a unique combination of hops that generates an appealing amount of bitterness and a unique flavor profile.

One thing to note about Seven Doors is that it’s actually a grisette-style ale that drinks like a lager. At 6.1% ABV, it’s a stretch to call any beer sessionable, unless it’s a really long session or you’re only going to be drinking one beer per session. It certainly looks like a lager and it’s light-bodied overall, but Seven Doors really sneaks up on you. This is also a beer that is best enjoyed in a pint glass or wide-mouthed goblet, with a hard pour, so you can enjoy the massive head triggered by the saison yeast.

The very peculiar nose of Seven Doors—a hint of citrus mixed with overly-ripe banana—is also best experienced in a glass. That’s due to the mix of Tettnang, Grungeist and Styrian Wolf hops, introduced here in dry hop form. It’s a really interesting combination of hops, with two classic German brewing choices and a new-ish hybrid (Styrian Wolf) known for its mellow, fruity flavors. Of course, Seven Doors presents completely differently than how it tastes; it’s a true TRVE beer in that regard.

For more info, check out TRVE Brewing Company here.