Full Album Stream: Coffin Apartment — “Full Torso Apparition”

Looking to sign a lease on a mansion’s worth of noise rock, metallic hardcore, and death n’ roll riffs?

Yeah, Coffin Apartment kinda knew you were — that’s why, presumably, the Portland, Oregon uber-power trio went ahead and collapsed the walls between the Jesus Lizard, Deadguy, Entombed, and Today is the Day rooms on its vibrant, careening dissonance amalgamating debut full-length Full Torso Apparition. (Out Friday on Silver Stature Sounds, preorder here.)

If you’ve got a taste for smart, unpredictable, dissonance fusing extremely fucking heavy jams, this badass sonic spot is 100 percent move-in ready.

Don’t take my word for it, though: We’ve got the whole goddamn thing exclusively streaming below right now.

“The album has an interesting vibe to me because our different influences and musical backgrounds as individuals came together collectively in such a cohesive — albeit chaotic — way,” guitarist/vocalist Johnny Brooke tells Decibel. “There was never a conversation about what this needed to sound like or a genre we wanted to fit into, so the finished product is a heavy amalgamation of controlled pandemonium. It’s really a record that we all created, there was no single driving force behind the music other than the need to consistently create loud shit with our friends and I’m super proud of that.”