Video Premiere: Ilsa – “Shibboleth”

12-years-strong and counting, DC’s Ilsa have stacked full-length after full-length of explosive, punk-headed death metal executed with a consistency and clarity few bands in contemporary extreme metal can match. Across their five previous albums this then-quintet, who rage with so much anger you can almost hear the strangle-grips they’ve got on their instruments, spewed acrid and crusty down-tuned d-beat/death metal against god, government, existence—you name it.

Now add a third guitarist and a pandemic that’s laid bare the corruption and incompetence of the system and what you get is Preyer

Ilsa the six-piece premiered earlier this month with the release of that doomed sympathy for Judas titled “Poor Devil.” Today we have the pleasure of offering our readers another side of Ilsa’s forthcoming sixth album, Preyer—out November 20 on Relapse Records. Where “Poor Devil” wrapped itself around you slowly and with suffocating, drawn-out riffs, “Shibboleth” goes right for the throat. 

“Fuck this shit system and the religious bigots that perpetuate its terror!” scrawls Orion, the man you’ll see wielding a microphone and chain. According to him, “Shibboleth” is the band’s “explicit denunciation of the true forces of evil at work to undermine civil rights, labor and reproductive justice all around the world!” 


Preorder Preyer from Relapse Records now.

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