Track Premiere: Disrupted – “Chopped into Oblivion”

Disrupted band photo

Some bands claim genre is a prison. They refuse to be defined or categorized. Well, death metal instigators Disrupted don’t suffer that inner-turmoil. Their sophomore record is titled Pure Death for a reason. Disrupted represent unadulterated Swedeath of the Stockholm strain. That means chainsaw riffage and crust punk propulsion in the vein of Nihilist, modernized like Necrot. Thankfully, Decibel has early access to Disrupted’s new single “Chopped into Oblivion.” Hopefully you know by now that we’re kind enough to share the gore. Now you can watch Disrupted stoically deliver pure death in the video below.

The first half of the song feels like hosing blood from the guillotine platform. As the serrated riffs gets sharper and sharper, the listener senses more bloodshed is on the way. Once “Chopped into Oblivion” breaks into a searing solo from Tomas Åkvik of LIK, the decapitations recommence. Disrupted’s reverence for death metal history extends to the star-studded list of guest contributors. Along with Åkvik’s cameo, the album features solos from Per “Sodomizer” Eriksson (ex-Bloodbath, ex-Katatonia) and Mats Andersson (Wretched Fate). Even Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost, Bloodbath) lends his distinct growl to a track. Pure Death says it all. If you know the difference between Nirvana 2002 and “About a Girl” Nirvana, then this is an album for you.

“Chopped into Oblivion” is a simple and straightforward song about dismembering a dead body into nothingness,” comments the band. “Besides the guest solo by Tomas Åkvik of LIK, the mandatory “UH!” in the beginning of the song is delivered by another guest named Johan Hjelm. Johan has helped us with both the recording of the album as well as editing of the video for the song. Most videos these days all look the same with a headbanging band in front of the camera, so we thought we might try a different approach to avoid just delivering yet another “live band” or “lyric video.” We recorded the video by ourselves, actually in the same house where the entire album was recorded, and used the white wall right outside the bathroom as background.”

Pure Death is set for international release on October 26th via Memento Mori on CD. The vinyl version is already available from De:Nihil Records. Press play and let Disrupted dice you in half with their new single.

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