Full EP Premiere: Sun in Shadows & Soul Remnants — “Collection of Skulls: A Tribute to Sepultura”

Under a pale gray sky killer covers shall arise…

Fucking hell. It is no small task to do justice to legendary jams like “Inner Self” and “Dead Embryonic Cells,” but Sun in Shadows — the heavy metal melting pot stirrers extraordinaire we previously wrote about here — and ultra-sick blackened death metallers Soul Remnants more than rise to the occasion with Collection of Skulls: A Tribute to Sepultura, paying honest homage to the originals from the Brazilian death thrash game-changers while injecting a bit of their own unique flair and expanse.

Decibel is pleased to exclusively stream the EP below — out today — below, but first here are a few words about the origin of the project from Sun in Shadows mastermind Nick Heigelmann…

“There is no doubting the influence Sepultura had on so many. The riffs were always punishing and the lyrics always had a dope message — be it cerebral, philosophical, or social. They’re one of those bands that has that nostalgic vibe for me. These tunes were great for having on while doing just about anything. Skating, driving, doing homework, or just crankin’ tapes in the bedroom and headbanging! Brings me back to those days for sure!

“I was planning on doing a cover song just to keep active and randomly talked to Tom from Soul Remnants who mentioned they had just recorded a cover of ‘Dead Embryonic Cells’ for their upcoming LP. Long story short, I pretty much glommed onto their idea and they ended up being down to do a Sepultura cover split. Then we came up with the idea to do a limited cassette version and that was that!

“Since Soul Remnants had a cover from Arise already, I figured I would go older and try something off Beneath the Remains. It was between ‘Mass Hypnosis’ and ‘Inner Self.’ The groove and the vocals that I am able to accomplish fit better with ‘Inner Self’ after trying both songs out. The riffs were fun to learn, there are a lot of changes to track but would be really fun to do live if we ever get the chance!”