Full Album Stream: Horrible Earth – “Discography 2013-2019”

Fans of primitive, brutal death metal and grindcore need look no further than Boston’s Horrible Earth. Armed with a collection of songs from releases throughout their career thus far—from Horrible Earth’s 2013 demo to full-length Typical Human Behavior and more—plus a bonus cover of GG Allin’s “Look Into My Eyes” recorded live at Maryland Deathfest, Horrible Earth play straightforward and aggressively.

There’s a definite punk flavor to their songs, giving them a loose feeling despite their intensity. The guitar playing alternates from high-speed, punky grindcore to basic death metal riffs, setting the tone for each track. Horrible Earth cite Repulsion, Brutal Truth, Assück and Blood Duster as influences and it’s easy to hear inspiration from those artists in the music.

Despite its status as a discography-spanning compilation, Discography 2013-2019 never feels like it’s dragging. Songs rarely make it over two minutes and many don’t even make it past one. Horrible Earth’s discography will be released via Horror Pain Gore Death on October 9, but it’s streaming below now.