Hear Hyperdontia’s Crushing New Song “Punctured Soul” via the Decibel Flexi Series

International death metal derelicts Hyperdontia have been busy cranking out singles and splits in 2020, and the Decibel Flexi Series is proud to bring you more with this brand new merciless chomper, “Punctured Soul”!

OK, well, it’s not actually that “new” as it was recorded well over a year ago, but we couldn’t fit into the Decibel Flexi Series release schedule until right now. Fans of Dark Descent’s patented subterranean death metal approach will agree it was worth the wait. That said, you really need to be finished waiting because we have an extremely limited amount of the issues containing the Hyperdontia flexi available in the Decibel webstore now. Missing out would totally bite, so get yours today!