Track Premiere: The Merciless Concept – “Ruin” (Featuring Frank Mullen)

Photo by Brandon Lane


Yes, The Merciless Concept brought in ex-Suffocation front-monster Frank Mullen, for whom vocalist Kevin Muller has previously filled in. Like those technical death metal forebears, the younger band hails from Long Island and honors its tradition of brutality upheld by their guest’s alma mater, Internal Bleeding and fellow New York state peers like Pyrexia and Dehumanized. Actually, the Merciless Concept features current and former members of all of the aforementioned acts.

The song features a trademark of the slamming style they absolutely slay, with stilted delivery in both riffs and breakdowns. A mid-section is relatively straightforward with trem picking before the band half-time it. The highlight of slowing down, however, slams its way forth undeniably. The closing passage features Mullen and asserts itself powerfully to shut the door on the song.

Fans need not worry though, as the band is preparing to unleash Sessions of Pain later this year, though the exact date has yet to be determined. That the album is coming out during something of an Armageddon is all too appropriate, as that was the title of their last LP from 2012.

Muller (not to be confused with Mullen) expands on the state of the band and world at large.

“We’ve been in hiatus the past few years, busy with our other bands (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Sworn Enemy) and we thought now is the time for our comeback. This world has become a horror movie and this upcoming album is the soundtrack to the crumbling world around us. Merch is available today on All-In Merch, and the album will be available later this fall. Time to take the pain.”

Listen to the new single below and be sure to snag T-shirts, longsleeves and shorts here.