Track Premiere: Reserving Dirtnaps – “Under Siege”

Art by Linas Garsys

Reserving Dirtnaps‘ proudly proclaim that 2020-appropriately-titled Another Disaster EP proudly proclaims “is that Memphis shit” in its press release. No, it doesn’t sound like Three 6 Mafia, but it’s just as savage as that terrifying Tennessee troupe.

That’s not to say Reserving Dirtnaps are removed from their home’s hip-hop tradition; they’ve collaborated with rapper Tom Skeemask. Though no MC appears here, the crushing metallic hardcore has a bouncing swagger to it—at least at the start. It quickly gives way to more driving energy. After all, bounce is at odds with their more grinding influences a la Napalm Death. Another more metallic inspiration comes from hardcore favorite Obituary. Though that pick may seem typical, the sound is anything but; just check out those double bass bursts in the middle.

Vocalist Brandon Pearce insists they wouldn’t title a song “Fuck You,” but that sums up the theme of this song.

“We all love Memphis to a fault and we are well aware that it isn’t the easiest place in the world to be in a hardcore band or to live but that is a blessing in disguise. In some ways, growing up here gives you a chip on your shoulder of the eternal underdog. … ‘Under Siege’ is about refusing the limitations or expectations we absorb and accept, and aggressively working to destroy your own comfort and complacence. Because outside of that safety lies the only real chance of achieving the visions of accomplishment that haunt your brain at work and late at night when you can’t sleep.”

Guitarist Paul Doherty says the song was the first penned by the current lineup and was done in 5-7 minutes. He cites Madball, Sworn Enemy, Cold As Life and the movie Tin Cup as inspirations.

“Kevin Costner is teaching Rene Russo how to hit a golf ball, and according to him once you strike the ball well, a tuning fork goes off in your heart. That also happens to be my personal indicator that you’ve just written a good riff. That tuning fork, however, was not going off in my heart when I was playing this riff, and I knew it needed to be MORE. So I started playing and it just kinda flew out of me, the first riff as you hear it today.”

Hear that riff in the player below.

Pre-order Another Disaster on Bandcamp or the WAR Records store.