Track Premiere: Cardiac Arrest “Sodomite”

Cardiac Arrest

There was a time when death metal like Cardiac Arrest reigned filthily supreme. We’re talking Autopsy, Impetigo, Necrophagia, Macabre, and fucking Repulsion. They slaked American soil with the blood, guts, and the charred, half-eaten remains of posers galore. Well, it’s time for their return, starting with but not limited to Chicago-based underground legends Cardiac Arrest, who have new album, The Day That Death Prevailed, coming at the end of July on Spain’s Memento Mori label.

To commemorate the occasion, Decibel and Memento Mori teamed up in the frunchroom, tabled a plate of freshly prepared offal, called dibs on which track to premiere from The Day That Death Prevailed, and ate until the fucking neighbor kids stopped playing in the prairie. Now, if you’re a Chicagoan, a resident of the city by The Lake, all that dumped slang in the sentence before is understood and redolent with smells from the Taste. If you’re not, well, if you’re into the dirty, dingy, grotesque death metal that could only come from a hardscrabble American city, then Cardiac Arrest are for you.

Offers vocalist/guitarist Adam Scott: “‘Sodomite’ may be a little self-explanatory, about a person who’s in a position of power. Perhaps a corporate CEO bigwig type, maybe a producer/executive within the Hollywood-elite. I’m sure we’ve all read about stuff like this or heard of these kinds of despicable actions of demanding sexual advances to ‘get ahead.’ Pretty dark indeed!”

** Cardiac Arrest’s new album, The Day That Death Prevailed, is out July 27th on Spain-based indie Memento Mori Records. Pre-orders will be available at Memento Mori’s online store (HERE) shortly! The LP version of The Day That Death Prevailed will be out on Boris Records. Pre-order will be up HERE shortly.