Track Premiere: Kommand – “Radiation”

After the deployment of two self-released demo tapes,—both of which California-based death metal compound Maggot Stomp reissued last year in the form of one highly mandatory cassette—the Los Angeles death metal unit known as Kommand set to work on something bigger, heavier and far more hostile than their previous two efforts. Now, in just over a week, once again with the cooperation of Maggot Stomp, Kommand will release their debut album Terrorscape

Kommand photo captured by Tanner McCardle.

Today it is our immense pleasure to provide our readers with a preview of the profusion of wrath and kinetic urgency that waits in ambush on Kommand’s first album. 

To prepare our readers for the imminent destruction, Kommand sent the following correspondence: “The new record is inspired by Finnish Death Metal but with our own take. The lyrical themes deal with Cold War myths of Soviet terror. With ‘Radiation,’ we had in mind the grotesqueries of nuclear development.”


Preorder Terrorscape on all relevant formats from Maggot Stomp.