Video Premiere: Dāmim – ‘Descendant of Amalek’

English death metallers Dāmim have been a unit for more than 90% of this writer’s life, making it all the more impressive that the group’s latest album, last year’s A Fine Game of Nil, is so potent. Crafting death metal in the vein of English legends before them, Dāmim’s “Descendant of Amalek” is a straightforward, brutish tune in the vein of Bolt Thrower or Necroticism-era Carcass

The accompanying video adds to the chaos with its varying shades of red, black and gray modifying live performance videos. It’s a slick way to put a new spin on live footage, but due to frequent use of strobe effects, readers with epilepsy should not watch the video for “Descendent of Amalek.”

After viewing the video, you can head to the Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings Bandcamp to hear more from A Fine Game of Nil, which is out now.