Album Premiere: Meridian Dawn ‘The Fever Syndrome’

Meridian Dawn

Meridian Dawn are your answer to time long gone. Remember the first time you heard Arch Enemy’s Stigmata or Burning Bridges albums (debut, Black Earth, was a bit hard to find). The furor of the Amott brothers backing ex-Furbowl powerhouse vocalist Johan Liiva and drum madman Daniel Erlandsson were intangible things to revere. Well, Meridian Dawn, featuring Finland-born Antony Hämäläinen (Nightrage, Armageddon, Crystal Tears) and Greece-born guitarist/bassist Nick Ziros (Into The Moat, Remembering Never), are of the blackest earth, the kind that feels like an offshoot of late-’90s Arch Enemy, but has influences and styles infiltrating that make it sound and move like it was crafted yesterday. Drummer Johan Nunez (Nightrage, Kamelot, Marty Friedman, Firewind) rounds out the lineup.

The band’s debut album, The Fever Syndrome, is coming July 10th, and Decibel, working in concert with Seeing Red Records, couldn’t be happier (in the darker part of the sun) premiering the nine-song rager. And Ziros agrees, saying, “After a long hiatus and a bit of re-grouping we’re proud to finally announce the release of our debut record, The Fever Syndrome. Working off the original ideas written between 2010 and 2013, Antony Hamalainen and I, have chopped and screwed the demos into a streamlined, no fillers, record that we are proud of.”

With a spectacular lead in mind and aggressive tendencies at heart, Decibel hereby brings you Meridian Dawn’s The Fever Syndrome. Key tracks: “Iconic,” “God to All,” “It’s All A Dream,” and album capper, “Dressed in Ice.”

** Meridian Dawn’s new album, The Fever Syndrome, is out July 10th on Seeing Red Records. Pre-orders for the digipak CD are HERE. Pick it up before all copies are sold to Japan!