Video Premiere: Devil’s Witches – ‘Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures’

Freedom means doing what you want and in the case of Devil’s Witches, it’s the freedom to own “Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures” that drives them. The amped-up psych/stoner rock collective—led by the appropriately-named Witchdoctor General—set their sights on Record Store Day 2020 for the release of a 10-inch record of the same name.

“Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures” is a groovy, fuzz-powered rocker with an accompanying video stitched together from various revenge films. The General doesn’t make his opinions hard to figure out: the man is all about guns, drugs, sex and obnoxious amounts of fuzz, all of which he makes crystal clear in the lyrics.

“The ‘Guns, Drugs & Filthy Pictures’ title track is a fuzzed-up rebellious anthem in the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll,” the Witchdoctor General tells Decibel. “It is a celebration of personal sovereignty, freedom of sexual expression, freedom of recreational and medicinal drug use, freedom to protect yourself and freedom to enjoy uncensored consensual adult entertainment. I want the listeners to bring their reality, their stories, to track and hopefully find a celebratory catharsis. On the other hand, not everyone will align with everything mentioned, they might even object to some others, and that also brings up an interesting internal conversation I want them to have. The video specifically deals with the narrative of the second track on the 10-inch RSD release, ‘Cross My Path, I’ll Cross Your Face.’ A fictional revenge tale based on a true story where my loved one was mugged and stabbed outside her house. Using three very controversial female-led revenge films I expand on the freedom of expression mentioned in the title track while complementing the second track’s narrative.”

Dig in below; Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures is out on UK Record Store Day, August 28, via Majestic Mountain.