Video Premiere: Umbra Vitae – ‘Ethereal Emptiness’

Umbra Vitae‘s debut album, Shadow of Life, is a stylized take on death metal led by Converge frontman Jacob Bannon and including current/former members of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, The Red Chord, Job for a Cowboy, Twitching Tongues, Hatebreed, Skeletonwitch… you get the point. While the album is already out in full via DeathwishDecibel joined forces with Umbra Vitae to debut the official video for track two, “Ethereal Emptiness.”

The video was handled by Chariot of Black Moth, who uses heavy filters, black-and-white imagery and some sleek editing to match the grooving, melodic intensity of the song.

“‘Ethereal Emptiness’ is about the ferocity of negativity and the complexities that life can sometimes bring,” Bannon explains. “Often it can feel like the fabric of rational being is under attack. When I am faced with that adversity, rather than retreat into an archaic belief system, I regroup and recenter with the intent to find clarity and calm. I attempt to embrace what is rather than what could be. We should cherish that emptiness even though it can be intimidating. It is a true beginning and it’s up to each one of us what we do with it. Below are the lyrics which summarize this idea in a more poetic form.”

“Formless beauty
Love disembodied
Retreating from
the battered shell

Endless echoes
Damaged desire
Abused carry
Angelic afterglows

Ethereal emptiness

Harden to survive, evolve to avenge
Harken to a time when the young stood a chance

We must embrace the coming age of ethereal emptiness
We must embrace the coming age of ethereal emptiness
We must embrace the coming age of ethereal… emptiness”