Track Premiere: Unborn Suffer – “Pierdolę Was”

Art by Kabewu/Jarek

Unborn Suffer mince no words nor musical motifs. The Polish deathgrinders are previewing upcoming album Commit(ment to) Suicide with a song featuring a similarly blunt title. “Pierdolę Was” translates to “I fuck you all,” and the music is just as aggressive.

The sound references early genre legends such as Assück, Napalm Death and Brutal Truth. The lyrics also come from the 1990s. Drummer Lukasz Ziółkowski  used to attend rehearsals of punk band Rejestr Wariatów, who never recorded and bequeathed the lyrics to Unborn Suffer. After a bit of tweaking, they were ready, with Ziółkowski explaining why they can make that jump in time.

“These are the words of any entity that is fed up with systems of this world: political, religious, and any other system that disgusts a free man. The words were written in the ’90s but remain very relevant, even too relevant. The lyric, same as the song, is short but timeless with its idea.”

Pre-order Commit(ment to) Suicide here. It’s out June 26 via Selfmadegod Records.