Track Premiere: Diabolic Oath – ‘Immaculate Conjuration of Infernal Recrudescence’

The bar for extremity is always being moved up; what was extreme and unique one year may be common and unsurprising by the next. Enter Diabolic Oath, extreme metal’s alleged first fretless band. After a pair of demos, the anonymous trio joined forces with Sentient Ruin Laboratories to release their first full length, Profane Death Exodus.

As the track “Immaculate Conjuration of Infernal Recrudescence” shows, Diabolic Oath are devotees of the most twisted black and death metal, drawing influence from the likes of Teitanblood, Bestial Warlust and Morbid Angel to create their murky, inverted sound.

“‘Immaculate Conjuration’ is punishment,” Diabolic Oath relay to Decibel. “It is stripped, buried to the neck and bludgeoned. Some executions are done with finesse. This one is done with force.”

Listen to “Immaculate Conjuration of Infernal Recrudescence” below and acquire a copy of Profane Death Exodus at this link.