Video Premiere: The Third Kind – ‘Man vs Earth’

The staff at Decibel are big fans of crossover thrash/hardcore kings All Out War (have you heard All Out War’s contribution to the Decibel Flexi Series?) so it’s a pleasure to report that The Third Kind rule. Founded by guitarist Taras Apuzzo (All Out War, Bastard Clan) alongside a cohort of experienced musicians, The Third Kind’s new album Man vs Earth is a collection of hard-hitting collection of songs that will scratch any hardcore fan’s itch for audio violence.

As you can hear on from the title track, streaming below, the album takes a hardcore shell and metalizes it, adding elements of thrash and death metal to the foundation.

“Humanity pushes the limits of mother nature with ignorance and vulgarity resulting in changeless damage to both the planet and itself,” bassist/vocalist Rich Muller says, explaining the song’s meaning to Decibel. “We can start to make a change by working on the obvious flaws as history tends to repeat itself shifting advanced technology back to the 1950s over and over again.”

Man vs Earth is out on June 26. Grab a copy via Bandcamp.

Photo: Dave Brenner