Video Premiere: TheNightTimeProject- “Embers”

TheNightTimeProject released it’s second album last year, entitled Pale Season via Debemur Morti Productions. It’s essential listening for anyone who enjoys the powerful yet thoughtful introspective energy of bands like Katatonia, October Tide and Damnation-era Opeth. And this is only fitting, as its membership includes Frederik and Mattias Norman, both of whom once played in Katatonia and now play in October Tide themselves.

Today, Decibel is happy to premiere the new video for “Embers.” The video is a straightforward affair, consisting of shots of the band jamming out on the track, with some shots of their equipment mixed in (the guitar amp tubes are particularly cool).

“Seeing the Norrman brothers in the flesh is a rare occasion, but many stars, planets and desolate moons must align for them to appear in a performance music video,” says vocalist Alexander Backlund. “We’re very happy to unveil the official video for our song ‘Embers,’ self-produced and shot in the DIY spirit of the album from which it originates. We would like to thank our good friend Emil Östberg who—with the patience of a saint and hands as steady as a surgeon’s—took it upon himself to capture this rare moment in history.”

A solid, dreamy track, and lots to think about. Enjoy: