Track Premiere: Black Funeral – ‘The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold’

Black Funeral

Four years from Ankou and the Death Fire and 10 years from Vukolak, occultist and American black metal legend Akhtya Nachttoter (aka Michael W. Ford) emerges from the ever-black chasms with tour de force effort, Scourge of Lamashtu. Now, many Black Funeral fans remember the mid-’90s when Nachttoter embroiled the U.S. scene with images of a decayed Europe from the dark tower of oblivion located somewhere in the sands of Texas. From his monument to death, he peered over all of Vinland, gazing malignantly via blackened metal at those who would defy his spells of chilling riff, ghostly vocals, and lamentations to the vast beyond. Nachttoter repeatedly smote down pretenders and wormy sycophants over the course of the late-’90s and aughts. Then, Black Funeral went quiet, coursing further into inky soils of his native land while the world rotted jovially around it.

Fast forward to 2020. Black Funeral have returned, and they’re more powerful than ever. To treat his more ardent supporters (and to trick the false), he’s conjured up new song, “The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold,” from new album, Scourge of Lamashtu. As if revealing himself atop the Great Ziggurat of Ur, Nachttoter speaks: “Ahhazu (the seizer), Bel-uri (lord of the roof), Rabisu (Lurker) Lamastu, smeared with blood from the corners we drink your blood, eat your soul Lilitu, the pact of nam-erim, Mamitu (oath, curse) eternal…

“Black Funeral’s sorcerous incantation, adapted from the ancient Babylonian spell tablets summons images and atmospheres of the Rabisu-Limnu demons who haunted the deserts, preying upon human blood, flesh, and spirit. Rabisu, meaning ‘fiend’, known also as “Ilu Lemnutum” (Evil God), are lurking-demons and Prowlers of the Desert. The cold, nocturnal winds so reflected in the grim black art of “The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold” is a sorcerous incantation so written as a transformative process of the Etemmu (evil spirits and the undead ghosts often becoming demons) possessing a corpse with the Words of Power, “Udug-hul”, “Sedu” as a spell of binding to the earth as vampyric spirits. This Black Magical process is by the alchemical union of Anu (Heavens, Spirit) and Ki (Earth and Underworld): Spirit and Flesh so in union begets the Rabisu-Limnu.”

From the Maqlû-spires of Kigal, we watch the gallûs devour all life of the Over-world.


Now, for a rare treat to Decibelians of the most foul order. The lyrics to Black Funeral’s “The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold”: “The Vampyric Rabisu at the Threshold From below the horizon I rot in the earth Netherworld opens for my return Demonic Etemmu to possess this corpse Udug-hul (‘hul’, ‘evil’) awaken Sedu (‘spirit, aspect of the soul and demon’) Rising from the coffin Slumbering among the thirsty dead, Given the powers of the Southwind Born of Anu and Ki, Spirit and Flesh becomes an Evil God Ahhazu (the seizer), Bel-uri (lord of the roof), Rabisu (Lurker) Lamashtu, smeared with blood From the corners we drink your blood, eat your soul Lilitu, the pact of nam-erim, Mamitu (oath, curse) eternal Seven Dimme, Sebitti, Seven Storms of Darkness Among the ruins and desert wilderness Joined by blood thirsting Etemmu, Restless ghosts howling upon the winds Deathly Alu summoned by demons (Lil-Spirits) Drink my fill of blood, as Kasapu (casting witchcraft), I form clouds against my prey (my shadow standing over her) Storm-clouds cannot be scattered haunting and seizing limbs A ghost is sent as a dream, nightmares cling to her flesh. Fly forth upon nocturnal skies, Darkened clouds, phantom form Akhkharu, Alu, Lamashtu, Lilitu necromantic Undead”

** Black Funeral’s new album, Scourge of Lamashtu, is out July 3rd on Iron Bonehead Productions. Pre-orders are not yet live, but keep checking the label’s website (HERE). Don’t let the Rabisu-Limnu bite you on the way in.