Track Premiere: Vile Creature – ‘When the Path is Unclear’

“When the Path is Unclear” is a phrase that could be applied to almost anything in the world at present moment, and it’s a sentiment that reverberates with extra strength on the new Vile Creature track of the same name, streaming via Decibel. The doom duo—comprised of guitarist/vocalist KW Campol and drummer/vocalist Vic Creature—are slated to release their third album, Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm!, next month.

Never a pair to shy away from ambitious concepts (Vile Creature’s last record, Cast of Static and Smoke, was set inside of its own fictional reality), Vile Creature zeroed in on the places where their lived experiences meet politics while not succumbing to nihilism.

“The lyrical content of Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm is very much based in… combating the ideas of apathy and nihilism taking over your life,” Campol says, “And finding ways to maneuver through that both personally and politically. There’s very little divide between the two of those.”

Take a listen to “When the Path is Unclear” below; Glory! Glory! is out June 19 on Prosthetic.

Photo: Danika Zandboer