Watch: Svengahli – ‘Our Hate Ignited’ (Playthrough Video)

Multi-instrumentalist Alex Weber set the bar high when he formed progressive death metal outfit Svengahli, who released their first EP, Nightmares of Our Own Design, earlier this year. The Baltimore trio (Weber is supported by Exist bandmate Matt Rosa on guitar and guitarist/synth player Charlie Eron) took influences from across the spectrum—Cynic, Meshuggah, Death, Gorguts and a whole bunch of the craziest tech death out there—and spit out some of the most intricate tunes this year.

“I had written these tunes with potentially using them for Exist in mind but they ended up turning out slightly different than what we’ve been musically doing,” Weber told Decibel about the EP. “I had been considering starting my own project for quite some time but I didn’t fully decide to start the project until about a year ago and didn’t decide on the name until earlier this year. Some of the original ideas for these tunes came as earlier as 2015 but I didn’t fully finish these tunes until a little less than a year ago.”

Weber put together a bass playthrough of the EP’s last track, “Our Hate Ignited,” which you can watch today. It’s obvious that Svengahli are no slouches when it comes to playing their instruments, but Weber’s performance is still an impressive feat. Check it out and score a copy of Nightmares of Our Own Design via Bandcamp.