Album Premiere: Tyrant – ‘Hereafter’

Los Angeles-based heavy metal act Tyrant got their start in 1978. The band signed to Metal Blade and dropped two albums in the ’80s before vanishing without a trace. Those albums, Legions of the Dead (1985) and Too Late to Pray (1987), are considered unsung classics today. Well, Tyrant found within its fiery core for one more album, King of Kings (1996), before disappearing into the history books once again. Never one to let a good thing ultimately die, Tyrant has yet again formed under the tutelage of bassist Greg May and guitarist Rocky Rockwell with none other than Robert Lowe — Grief Collector, ex-Solitude Aeturnus, ex-Candlemass — on vocals. The reformulated act has signed to Shadow Kingdom Records, and their new album, Hereafter, is streaming here, only a Decibel, until its release on CD and LP on May 15th.

Says Greg May: “It was 2009 when Tyrant was asked to return to co-headline the Keep It True fest in Germany. It was a great and successful experience. Rocky and I talked about working on a new album. But it wasn’t until I reached out to a friend Robert Lowe to join the band, friend Bill Metoyer to produce and engineer our new music, and Shadow Kingdom Records to get us out to the world that this came true. We are very excited to hear what everyone thinks of our comeback. And celebrate. Hope our Tyrantslegions blast Hereafter on 10.”

Are you readying for some fucking heavy metal?! It’s Monday and you’re probably stuck at home in quarantine listening to some dweeb prattle on about KPIs or something like that over a shitty Zoom connection. So, yeah, you deserve to hear Tyrant blasting like it’s the mid-’80s!

** Tyrant’s new album, Hereafter, is out May 15th on Shadow Kingdom Records. It is available for pre-order on CD, LP, and as t-shirts. Click HERE to order direct from Shadow Kingdom Records.