Track Premiere: Sanctifying Ritual – “Curse of Evil”

After spawning in the proverbial catacombs and sewers of the deep German underground, the raw death metal quartet known as Sanctifying Ritual went on to release several demos and an EP before dissolving back into the obscurity from which they came. 

Now after seven years dormant Sanctifying Ritual return just as unexpectedly as ever. Soon Iron Bonehead Productions will release Sanctifying Ritual, the band’s debut full length and today we have the privilege of premiering a track from this forthcoming hellish and raucous banger. 

The band promises “No mercy. No restraint. No weakness” on their eponymous debut. Today they invite our readers to “journey with the Devil, from the depths of Hell to the brightened Sky, conquering the Reich of your God!”

“Curse of Evil”

Get Sanctifying Ritual on June 5 from Iron Bonehead Productions.