Track Premiere: Devil With No Name – ‘Monad’

There are many devils in heavy metal. There’s the one you know, the one without a cause and of course there’s Satan. But evil comes in many forms, as do bands, like USBM newcomers Devil With No Name. Formed by members of Lord Mantis, Void Omnia and Sovereign, the trio specialize in groovy, mid-paced black metal.

Guitarist and vocalist Andrew Markuszewski is a massive fan of spaghetti western films, an influence that has bled into Devil With No Name’s music.

“‘Monad’ is a vessel in itself, shrouded in mysticism and aggression,” bassist Michael Juśko tells Decibel. “Herculean groove-heavy sections lead to an enigmatic and intoxicating spiritual climax. Devil With No Name is an amalgamation of traditional black metal and old western attitude. No bullshit, straightforward and truculent in nature.”

“The desert has a charm and majesty all its own,” adds Markuszewski. “It can be harsh and exhausting, much like that of Scandinavia and its long winters. When embraced, both can have a similar influence in extreme music, as black metal or whatever forms the music may take on.”

Listen to “Monad” below. Devi With No Name’s eponymous EP is out on May 22.