Album Premiere: Göden – ‘Beyond Darkness’


Future Shock Recordings’ only signee was New York’s Winter. The legendary debut that came out of that relationship was 1990’s Into Darkness, a slab of cold concrete that sounded as if falling from 30,000 feet in slow motion. Now, 30 years later, Winter co-mastermind Stephen Flam returns with Göden, the logical successor to Winter. Formed by Flam (aka “Spacewinds”), vocalist Vas Kallas (aka NXYTA (Goddess of Night)), and Tony Pinnisi (aka The Prophet of Goden) in 2019, Göden’s initial march out of the sub-basements of decaying cityscapes was carefully planned. That’s right. No major social media splash, no widespread interviews with prominent magazines, and no label announcement. Fast forward to winter 2020. Göden and Finnish boutique label Svart Records announced a partnership to release the New Yorkers’ debut album, Beyond Darkness. Careening at crushing glacial speed, Beyond Darkness posits the heaviest of heavies, as if “Servants of the Warsmen,” “Destiny,” and “Eternal Frost” were suddenly thrust into the present with new designs of oppression, claustrophobia, and desolation.

Says Flam: “Decibel has been a long-time supporter of Winter and now Göden. It is an honor to introduce the new album with Decibel magazine. Everyone involved feels that this endeavor has done justice to the memory of Winter. It is hoped that fans throughout the world will find this offering worthy of a place alongside Winter’s 1990 opus Into Darkness — Journey now Beyond Darkness…”

Fall into the ominous beyond! Join Göden as they lumber into the hulking darkness…

** Göden’s new album, Beyond Darkness, is out May 8th on Svart Records. Pre-orders for CD and 2xLP are available HERE. The apocalypse is coming… Be mentally prepared with Beyond Darkness!