Track Premiere: Black Pestilence Praises Darkness and Strength with “My Will to Power”

A recent discovery that has tickled the excitement nerves in my jaded and encrusted ear drums is Calgary’s Black Pestilence. Their take on black metal incorporates old-school thrash and punk and if you listen closely you can hear the smatterings of plain ol’ rock ‘n’ roll and swaths of noise and is a sound that has been explored and nurtured since the band formed as a one-man project in 2008. The band’s handlers claim those fans of Toxic Holocaust, Impaled Nazarene, Municipal Waste, Midnight and Cradle of Filth unconcerned with genre boundaries will enjoy Black Pestilence and we have to say the nail has certainly been hit on the head in that regard. Additionally, fans of image and theatrics will find value in the band’s aesthetic which owes to a collision of black metal, goth rock and Judas Priest’s wardrobe and fashion sense.

Hail the Flesh, the band’s sixth full-length, is set for release on May 1 and today continues the pre-release campaign with the streaming of the lyric video of a track entitled “My Will to Power.” When pressed for a comment about the song, the band – drummer Davey Hellfire, guitarist Daniel Towes and bassist/vocalist/founding member Valax – offer the following as a collective response:

“‘My Will to Power’ represents the underlying force that all humans possess; an unseen force that drives an individual to continue to live, no matter the cost. Each individual has a unique reason for the desire of life.”

Check it out here:

And when you’re done that take a gander at their new video for “Spurn All Gods.”

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