Track Premiere: Alkymist – “The Dead”

The Copenhagen-based doom outfit known as Alkymist have brandished their inverted crown of stoic power since 2018 when they released their debut EP. Later that year, the quartet rolled out their self-titled full length, 45 minutes of bleak textures, sludgy doom and a rare gravitas.  Now, less than two years since their staggering debut, the band will soon unveil their massive sophomore album.

Coming May 1 on 12” vinyl and pro-tape from Indisciplinarian, Alkymist’s new album Sanctuary features artwork by Anders Kidmose and was recorded and mixed by Lasse Ballade (Slægt, Orm). Today we have the privilege of premiering the second track from Sanctuary, this is “The Dead.”


According to lead vocalist Peter Bjørneg: “‘The Dead’ is a song inspired by two verses from Hávamál, the old Norse codex of conduct. Good advice as how to behave yourself and reconcile in life in order to move peacefully into the afterlife.”


  1.                                                       77.

Livestock die, kindred die                Livestock die, kindred die 

Every man is mortal                        Every man is mortal

But the good name never dies        But I know one thing that never dies

Of one who has done well              The glory of a great dead

“The Dead”


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