Five For Friday: March 27, 2020

Welcome to our first installment of Five for Friday! In these posts, you’ll find five new releases help to navigate each week’s output of metal, hardcore and whatever else you need to hear. After all, it’s hard to decide what to listen to in the ever-expanding world of the extreme. Here’s a good place to start.

Hello, Decibel readers. It’s been a rough couple weeks. Basically the entire live entertainment business has been shut down: from shows, to sporting events, to even being able to sit down at a restaurant. Such an incredible (and, unfortunately, necessary) shutdown has wiped out the revenue of multiple sectors of the economy. As you can imagine, the impact on the already impractical profession of being in an underground metal band has been devastating. However, metal and hardcore is still coming out every week for us to enjoy, promote and support!

And that’s what this weekly column is all about. Below is a selection of five albums out today that we think you need to hear. We’ve included Bandcamp links for you to easily find ways to purchase the music or some merch. And if streaming is your thing, we’ll include an Apple Music link whenever possible as well. One way or another, hopefully this will make your time in isolation a little heavier. But like, in a good way.

Anyway, check out the albums below. Fans of weird things and death-doom will find a lot to enjoy this weekend.

Stay safe, and wash your hands!

(And if you’re looking for ways you can help nonprofits, restaurants and cafes, at-risk seniors, animal shelters and others in need, here’s a good resource.)

Igorrr – Spirituality and Distortion

First up is the ultimate palette cleanser for a turbulent and stressful week. Igorrr is basically your weirdo friend that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere and has all those eccentric habits you never quite understand. And forget trying to ask about it, you’ll never get a straight answer. That about sums up what Igorrr has going on with their mix of death metal, drum and bass, and God-knows-what else.

Stream: Apple Music

Omega Infinity – Solar Spectre

Space, man. People really like space nowadays. And by people, I mean atmospheric and experimental black metal bands. Omega Infinity has arrived from Germany with their debut album, which takes us through their interpretation of the different planets in the solar system. They do a good job of capturing the vastness we perceive in space, all while evoking something akin to the Ocean and similar bands.

Stream: Apple Music

Solothus – Realm of Ash and Blood

20 Buck Spin had a big 2019, with every month seemingly bringing landmark releases of modern death metal. This week brings a new emanation from the land of 1000 lakes. Echoing their forefathers in Amorphis and spiritual cousins in Gorement and Runemagick, Solothus brings the death-doom swagger on their third album.

Stream: Apple Music

Temple of Void – The World That Was

Speaking of death doom! Detroit’s Temple of Void is back with their third full-length, a crushing and all-devouring beast called The World That Was. Although the band’s foundation remains secure, they’ve apparently brought in some very subtle notes of grunge and other styles. But like an expert wine maker, the notes are subtle and have to be carefully sought out. It’s one of the many things that makes this record a worthwhile journey through mystery and devastation.

Stream: Apple Music

WAKE – Devouring Ruin

Meanwhile, here’s the new WAKE album. WAKE put on a ferocious performance at last year’s Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia, displaying their grindcore chops to a receptively boozed-up crowd. But WAKE has never been a retread of past grind glory, as they’ve always had a blackened-death metal tinge that’s even more present on this album. There’s a tasteful hard/prog rock voice creeping in as well here. And I’m here for it. You should be too.

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