Track Premiere: Xibalba – “En La Obscuridad”

Artwork by Dan Seagrave

Xibalba‘s name translates to place of fear, and they chose the perfect time to return to their throne atop it; the world is in a perpetual state of the stuff! New track” En La Obscuridad” is another phrase with a translation solidifying this: in the dark.

The song is dripping with the stuff, from its ominous opening to the hellish vocals revealing the crushing closing. The California crew is still blending death metal and hardcore, complete with smatterings of depressing doom. However, the three-year break since their last release seems to have reinvigorated the leaned-down trio on their first song back.

It’s a spiritual successor to perennial party track “Cold,” so important it’s appeared on multiple releases. The aforementioned bookends hold in the meat of the beefy song. A sludgy riff chases runaway drums, altogether feeling like a punk playing death metal. That energy is retained later in the build-up before the breakdown, which pulls the rug out to groove ala Asphyx.

In the end, the debut from Años En Infierno (translation: years in hell) feels like a jam session in the best way possible. It’s organic and punishing, all of which is exemplified in the band’s reasoning for unveiling it first.

“The song will beat the shit out of you. We chose the song because we felt it was our hardest song and one that would get stuck in your head.”

Listen at your own risk in the player below.

Pre-order Años En Infierno here. It’s out May 29 via Southern Lord.