Track Premiere: WVRM – ‘Angel of Assassination’

Personal accounts of angel sightings vary. No two people seem to truly agree on what they look like or how they appear, which has led to quite a few different interpretations of what angels look and act like. Of course, not all angels are good; sometimes they want to do harm. Such is the premise of WVRM‘s “Angel of Assassination,” a choice cut from the South Carolina grinders’ new album, Colony Collapse.

The conclusion to the 14-song affair, “Angel of Assassination” hits like a blast beat-propelled ton of bricks. WVRM combine their relentless deathgrind with a heavier, slower side and tie it together with furious vocals. Thematically, it remains consistent with the politically-charged lyrics that WVRM espouse throughout Colony Collapse.

“‘Angel Of Assassination’ is named after Charlotte Corday, a brutal figure from the French Revolution who assassinated Jean-Paul Marat,” vocalist Ian Nix tells Decibel. “The song as a culmination of the entire album is trying to convey how action alone moves history forward. All the anger and indignation in the world is nothing in the face of individual and collective action. We probably had the most fun writing and recording this one. This could easily be our collective favorite song on the record.”

Listen below. Colony Collapse is out April 3 on Prosthetic.