Track Premiere: Moons – ‘Toneshaper’

Philadelphia’s Moons are ready to Go Out Swinging with their debut LP of the same name. The sludge/doom trio rip into songs like “Toneshaper”—streaming below—with the fury of 1,000 amplifiers and a not-so-positive outlook on life (just listen to the chorus!). Underneath the low-‘n’-slow stoner/doom riffs, there’s an inspiring message.

“This is by far my favorite track on the album,” bassist and vocalist Raymond Figueroa (ex-Outer Heaven) tells Decibel. “We actually had the riffs for this one for a while before piecing it together and perfecting it. The lyrics came just after my childhood dog, who was named after the Santana song ‘Jingo,’ had died. So, naturally, I wrote a song about Jingo killing God. He was a chihuahua who liked to kill.”

With that in mind, stream “Toneshaper” below.  Moons are set to self-release Go Out Swinging on April 10.