Full Album Stream: In the Fire – “The Living Horror Show”

The August 7 release date for Carcass‘ long-awaited Torn Arteries is still months away, but In the Fire can hold you over in the meantime. The trio, which features members of Total Fucking Destruction and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder with drummer Mike Heller (Fear Factory, Abigail Williams, Malignancy, Azure Emote) behind the kit, descend upon the listener in a hurricane of blackened, thrashing death (that totally recalls Carcass at times) with The Living Horror Show, their second disc.

Weighing in at a lean seven tracks, The Living Horror Show jumps straight into the action with “Take Away the Crown” and doesn’t slow down until the middle of fourth track “Wrestling Faith.” Guitarist and vocalist Ryan Moll has the voice of a man possessed, shrieking and growling in an instantly-recognizable way. While The Living Horror Show isn’t a technical death metal record, there’s certainly plenty of technicality throughout—Heller is a beast and Moll is no slouch himself, providing a steady stream of galloping riffs and blazing solos in addition to serving as the band’s mouthpiece.

In the Fire conclude the album with “Crescendo of Bane,” which is driven by samples about atomic bombs, war and god. It leaves an unsettling feeling at its conclusion, like maybe the world could get uglier. And then it’s over, at least until its official release through Horror Pain Gore Death on March 13.