Album Stream: Beast of Revelation ‘The Ancient Ritual of Death’

Beast Of Revelation

From the great abyss rises the Beast of Revelation. Revelation 11:7 had its say about the monster from the bottomless pit. Now, many millennia later, drummer Bob Bagchus (Infidel Reich, ex-Asphyx), guitarist/bassist A.J. van Drenth (Temple, ex-Beyond Belief), and vocalist John McEntee (Incantation) summon the great dragon with the their debut album, The Ancient Ritual of Death. Certainly, the members involved know exactly the kind of riff-spells, lyrical incantations, and rhythmic pounding to perform to invoke the seven-headed brute. From opener “Legions” and “The Cryptic Void” to “Beast VI” and closer “We, the Lords of Chaos”, the terrible trio have crafted an album of doom-infused death metal, the likes of which haven’t been heard of since Winter poured ice-cold cement on metaldom in 1990 and Soulburn crushed the eternal (concrete) tomb in 1998 with Feeding on Angels. This is music of slow decay.

“We are proud to say that Iron Bonehead will release our debut album The Ancient Ritual of Death,” beams Bob Bagchus. “The album will please fans of slow doom-death metal done in a very heavy, crushing way. No compromises, only slow death with a dark atmosphere with back to the roots heaviness.”

Write down the number of man and ponder its power while Beast of Revelation’s The Ancient Ritual of Death streams forth from the digital sea! It is Monday after all.

** Beast of Revelation new album The Ancient Ritual of Death is out March 6th on Germany’s Iron Bonehead Productions. Pre-orders are not yet live, but visit HERE to be first to purloin a CD or LP via Satanic exchangables. Digital connoiseurs can click HERE for the Bandcamp link.