Track Premiere: Azath – “Knight of Chains”

Azath released their untitled 3 track demo tape with Caligari Records back in 2018. If you missed it, you can hardly be blamed. That same year Azath lead guitarist Andrew Lee released at least two other recordings, including the modern HM-2 DM classic Máizàng. Azath’s other guitarist BW helmed and put out no less than four releases, including the genesis of the mighty Skullsmasher. Killer as it was and still is, Azath’s demo was but a humble beginning to what Azath have built with their debut full length, Through a Warren of Shadow. Joining Andrew Lee and BW, on drums is Pierce Williams (Lord Gore, Torture Rack), while Begrime Exemious’ Derek Orthner reprises his role as death breather. 

Through a Warren of Shadow was mixed by Orthner, and mastered by Dan Lowndes. Their sick logo and that amazing artwork comes courtesy of Mark Riddick, pillar of the underground. All of this is coming your way April 15th from Pulverised Records. We’re psyched to bring you the lead single, “Knight of Chains.” 

Lead guitarist Andrew Lee says: “We wanted to sink the listener into a murk of gloom and despair before the unmatched barbarity and wrath of the ‘Knight of Chains.’ You can expect off kilter Finnish melodies, unbelievably fast blastbeats, and disgusting vocals dragged out of the swampy depths as you pass Through a Warren of Shadow. ‘Knight of Chains’ is one of the first songs that I wrote for this new album and I wanted it to sound as menacing, ugly, and crushing as possible in riffs and atmosphere.”

“Knight of Chains”


Preorder Through a Warren of Shadow now from Pulverised Records.